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Essential Therapy for your horse's Health & Performance. Equissage Red delivers powerful cycloidal (Three-Way) vibrations to the whole body, which has been scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation & joint mobility. The system can actively treat a number of specific illnesses & injuries, as well as helping to maintain peak condition and general performance / good health. This system is suitable for every horse in every discipline. From Happy hackers to top competition. Excellent for 'warming up' & 'cooling down' before & after exercise. Equissage Red also reduces the risk of performance related injuries, enhance's performance & facilitate's healing.

(Above myself & my horse Apache Flash we both enjoy the
Equissage Red  Therapy.)
I became interested in Equissage 16 years ago when a young cob i have, was hit by a tractor, this left the horse with several  Arthritic joints. I hired a therapist to come and use the Equissage system on him and was overwhelmed by the results. (improved joint mobility, reduced swelling and significantly less lameness and showing less signs of stress and fatigue associated with high levels of pain. This also resulted in lower levels of Bute to be administered)  I was also diagnosed with Chronic Osteo Arthritis 5 years ago after several bad falls and riding related accidents. I also use the Equissage system on myself which leaves my joints with greater mobility, less swelling and a feeling of lightness around the joints and subsequently reduced pain. 
The Equissage Red System has been developed from Niagara Health care Physiotherapy products, that have been used on humans for both injuries and mobility for over 50 years. The system is a saddle pad unit (Equissage Red Pad) which is used in the saddle position for 20 mins. This has several different settings depending on what you are treating the horse for. A Hand Unit is also used in conjunction with the Equissage Red Pad which helps to significantly facilitate healing, prevent injuries and enhance performance. The Hand Unit can be used below the spine through the nerve channel and along the top of the hind quarter as well as on the Brisket working up the side of the windpipe & onto the soft palate. It can also be used from the base of the neck down to the base of the shoulder. Under the pad and base of shoulder (triceps) For use on the Glute & hamstrings. The System can also be used in a special adapted tendon boot and used with or without the pad on either fore or hind limbs 
Specific Problems:
Skin diseases =  cuts, wounds & swellings. Haematomas & Abscesses. Hives, Mud fever, Rain Scald, Sweet itch. Sarcoid's / Warts & Ring worm. (RAO) Coughing, (EIPH), Colic, Gastric Ulcers, High Worm Burden, Botulism, Bruised sole, Corns, Endometritis, Endotoxemia, Azoturia (tying up), Head shaking, Cushing Disease, Laminitis, Lymphangitis, Strangles, Bad blood circulation, Jarred shoulders, Sore shins & Knees, Joint Mobility issues, foot conditions, sore / cold backs, Lactic acid & stiffness, Arthritic Conditions. 

For further details see

Does Your Horse / Pony have any of the above problems?
Answered YES!  then EQUISSAGE RED Therapy can help your horse today.

Equissage Red Therapy Sessions Price list:

Book One Session                                    =£40
Book Two Sessions                                  = £75
Book Three Sessions                              = £100

Please Note that over 15 miles, a small travelling cost will be added to the overall cost of treatment. 

Group & more than one horse discounts available on request

Demonstration's for riding clubs available

For further details and to book an appointment please contact 
Donna 07969 747817
or email: Info@shiralequestriancentre

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